Custom Apple 1 Keyboard

When I needed a keyboard for my Apple 1, I did what many others did. I got a standard Apple II keyboard, created an adapter, and hooked it up. This comes along with several challenges and considerations. First, it is very easy to hook up backwards and blow a 7404. Second, you will still have to hook up separate clear switch. You could do what I did and build a clear and reset on power on circuit, but you won’t have a manual clear switch. »

Apple II Keyboard Interface

I recently got an Apple II keyboard to use instead of the IIe keyboard I was using. This keyboard has an onboard encoder and a layout that is closer to the original Datanetics keyboards. One thing to watch out for when hooking an Apple II keyboard to an Apple I, when you rewire it if you hook it up backwards, you will blow the 7404 on the encoder board. I know that this has happened to several people, and it happened to me as well. »

Monitor Test Working

With my keyboard interface still incomplete I haven’t been able to do a full test of my Apple 1. However, I was able to enter the test program from the Apple 1 operations manual. The program ran just as expected. At this point I am waiting for my replacement ATMEGA8515 for my IIe interface to arrive from Jameco. I figured out that I had accidentally connected D6 to pin 7 on the keyboard socket which is 12V+. »